Another Lazy Day in Theth: 11 June

We got breakfast early today and went down into the village before it got too hot. I have mentioned before the large amount of gravel along the stream–We learned that the major flood that brought it was in 2012. Before that, the river flowed between green banks.

A small park has been created in the middle of the devastation. Dirt has been brought in, trees planted, and this stone planted. We passed it several times before we noticed the US flag. Village children study English in a summer school sponsored by the US.

We met a couple of these children on their way to school. After they practiced their English on us, they asked whether we like chocolate. When we said yes, they said they like chocolate, too. Aha! They have learned that tourists may be sources of this precious commodity which is not available for sale in Theth. We gave them some chocolate cookies.

Our first stop was the museum, which is really just an old house with a few things in it. The house, though, was noteworthy. We had read descriptions of these houses which were built for defense.

This house was built on a rock.

The door you see on front only goes to the stable underneath. The living quarters are entered through this narrow stairway to the left.


A U-turn must be navigated before entering the house. There are gun slits all over. Our “guide,” a young girl, demonstrated the hidey hole beneath the floor boards.

Sleeping quarters were under the rafters on these “mats.”

The toilet was in the corner of the main room.

Next, we went to the grain mill, which is still used in the fall.


Water flows down a trough

Whose opening is protected by a pitchfork.

Here is another view of that power pole

Inner tube is used as insulation on some poles.

Electrical installations in general can be informal. This is at our house:

The small light is solar powered for when the main one doesn’t work.

Roger just had to cross this bridge.

The ladies who run our house and cook delicious food.


Old house

Just a pretty picture:




Tomorrow we move several kilometers north. This will shorten our Saturday journey.

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One thought on “Another Lazy Day in Theth: 11 June

  1. Brenda

    I have never heard of most of these places. I am learning so much from you two. Thank you for sharing your adventures and your awesome photos. The scenery is stunning! Can’t wait to see more from you! 🙂 Brenda in Houston, TX

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