Okol: 12 June

This morning we hiked about 3 km and up about 100 meters to our next accommodation in Okol at the north end of the Theth valley. This is distance we will not have to cover as we climb to the pass to Montenegro.

Our accommodation is fairly basic, but clean, comfortable, and the food is good. Again, full board because there is nothing else around. We even brought some cokes with us.

We got our permit to cross the pass on Saturday because the weather was supposed to be good. Now, a half inch of rain is predicted. We have gotten oral permission to cross tomorrow, Friday the 13th. We leave at 6:30.

The logic was compelling to have a horseman, though that is not normally our style. The path is not marked, so it is not prudent to go alone. A guide would need two days’ pay plus lodging. With a horseman, we can travel faster and he can ride the horse home the same day.

After tomorrow, we will have 10 days. We haven’t decided on an itinery.

Some photos:

Cutting grass after he had spent several hours digging stones with a pick axe.

Tall thin building. Not an outhouse.




Tomorrow: over the pass to Vusanje, then Gusinje, maybe Plav, Montenegro.

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4 thoughts on “Okol: 12 June

  1. You have posted photos of a number of bunkers. Do these bunkers date to WW II or are they remnants of the “cold war” ? A place to meet the invading army from somewhere ?

    • All bunkers except Lake Ohrid are Communist Hoxha regime when Albania was shut off from the rest of the world. There were reportedly hundreds of thousands of them.

  2. According to Wikipedia, there were 700,000 to 750,000 concrete bunkers built during the regime. That was an incredible misallocation of resources. Just think how much housing for Albanians that would have made possible. Moral: governmental leaders are not always rational.

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