Citánia de Briteiros

This was a day for surprises. First, the agent at the bus station told us to take this bus, get off at this stop, and walk 2km to the archeological site. We got off the right bus at the right stop, but had to walk 5 miles to the site.

Along the way, we stopped at a small restaurant intending to get something light and use the rest room. We ended up with one of the best meals of the trip.

Then there was the site itself–much more than we expected. This was an iron-age city which thrived around 200 BC. The road system, in particular, has survived quite well.




Even portions of the drainage channels.


Some of the street corners were rounded.

Many buildings were round.


The archeologist who discovered the site had this reconstruction built, then decided it is probably too tall.

He guessed this was the council house with seating all around.

Much of the stonework is quite precise.


A doorway with fittings for the door–fixed pin on the left.

Latch pin on the right.

Church dating from a temporary occupation of the site in the Middle Ages.

The public bath was the biggest puzzle of all. This is the entrance from the atrium to the steam room.



Were they really that small? Did they crawl in?

The site itself was also a treat. Cork trees.


And the most magnificent pine tree we have ever seen.

The attendant at the site directed us to the bus stop to which we would only have to walk 2 km, so we were back in Braga in good time.

Tomorrow, we begin the end game–an afternoon bus to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, from which we will return home Tuesday.

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