Santiago de Compostela

We awoke to brighter but troubled skies.

For the rest of the day, we could have clear sky one minute and torrential rain blown horizontally the next. The rain is even more exciting when gargoyles spit on you. This little fellow does a bit more than spit.



The ethnographic museum in a former convent was excellent. First, there was the amazing three separate intertwined staircases. Looking up:

Looking down.

The most intriguing display was of houses that strongly reminded us of the round houses we saw at Citánia de Briteiros. Photo of actual house:


This musical instrument was unfamiliar to us.

Cart wheel.

Seed planter.

Vertical sun dial which we don’t understand. These photos were taken at 13:00 DST.


The convent chapel was beautiful in its simplicity.

Except for the altars, which were anything but simple.

It had lots of dead people.

The sky got very dark again.

So we went to the cathedral, which we found rather disquieting. Garish displays of gold ostentation do not sit well with us, and this cathedral is loaded.


The underlying structure, though, was elegant.


The immense incense burner hangs from a rope on a pulley.

And (note the eye on the ceiling)

Guidebooks say this was to fumigate the pilgrims, and speaking of pilgrims, we saw a number of them finishing the Camino de Santiago.

We then visited a former hospital for pilgrims, now a hotel.

Then we just wandered.




Listened to this guy who played a more mellow bagpipe than we’ve heard before

We ended the day with seafood soup

And churros. Churros are sweet sugared crisp-fried pastries dipped in insanely rich and thick chocolate which is finished off with a spoon

Tomorrow, more Santiago, then we move to Lavacolla, which is where Santiago’s airport is.

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