Plan B. Major Plan B.

A couple of weeks ago while we were hiking, I think, I got an email that our return flight was changed. I looked it over–the times looked the same. The only difference I saw was the reference number. No big deal.

Today, I tried to check in for tomorrow’s 6:45 AM flight. Up popped an afternoon flight for tomorrow and a flight for Wednesday morning at 6:45 am. This confusion warranted a trip to the airport.

We were headed almost to the airport anyway because we had reserved a room for tonight in Lavacolla, the village nearest the airport, so we could minimize travel time to the airport for our early flight.

It took 4 agents a while to figure that our flight had been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. This is not a particularly big deal–there is nothing we have to hurry home to. We decided to make good use of our extra day.

First, we arranged a second night in Lavacolla. As we waited for our host to show, we watched the pilgrims starting out from Lavacolla on their last day of the Camino de Santiago. We decided that instead of taking the bus back to Santiago, we would walk that last leg ourselves. 10 km. There was a dedicated path almost all the way and the way was well-marked.

We passed through small villages.


Grain storage on stilts.

First glimpse of Santiago came at Monte de Gozo where pilgrims were having lunch.



Then there was the first glimpse of the cathedral.

We then had time to take a tour of the roof of the cathedral. The view emphasized how small Santiago is.

Good perspectives.




We had been intrigued by this tower on the cathedral which seemed out of place. Our guide said the architect was influenced by the Aztecs and Mayans.

This facade is untouched since the 12th century.

This place on the roof is where early pilgrims burned their clothes to prevent spread of disease. They were given cloaks to wear home.

Tomorrow, we will return to Santiago to visit a museum we had presumed we would miss because it was closed today.

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