We didn’t do much with our bonus day, but we enjoyed it immensely.

First, we visited the Museo das Peregrinacións (Museum of the Pilgrims) which addressed the history of pilgrimages to Santiago. We had thought the Camino de Santiago was one route, but there are several and have been many.


The museum told the story of St. James and his bones with more than a hint of skepticism. This 16th century depiction of an apostle was refreshingly human.

There were also models depicting the history of the church through its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque phases. This was its 12th century Romanesque beginning.

And this was the previous church that burned.

A few more photos around the historic quarter.


I know this is a crown, but it surely looks like an octopus:

We had lunch at a Tapas bar. Fried squid tapa:

Then we wandered around to the park and found a man on the park bench.

A man lounging on a rock.

And a gazebo. Gazebos are special to us because sat in one in the rain on our honeymoon.

We wanted to get back to our room early, so we stopped by a supermarket to buy food to cook for dinner. I bought what I thought was ready-to-heat seafood paella. Instead, it was just packets of ingredients without the rice–and of course all instructions were in Spanish. I showed it to our hostess and said she could have it. I would share Roger’s lasagne.

A few minutes later, she returned from the local market with a box of rice. Then with Google Translate, she showed me how to prepare it. It was reasonably good.

Tomorrow, the taxi will appear at the ungodly hour of 5am to take us to the airport. We do not relish the notion of the 30-hour day facing us.

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