Randa and the Bridge

Today was our last full day in Switzerland and we made good use of it.

We are staying two nights in Randa, just north of Zermatt. It is essentially a farming community with the most grain storage buildings I have ever seen. They perch on stones to discourage mice.

And (Stairway is cut from one log.)

This ambiance came as a surprise, but that’s not why we are in Randa. We are here because of the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, which just opened July 29. We learned about it only a few days before we arrived in Switzerland and it immediately went on my to-do list. Roger wasn’t so sure, but it turned out to be a great day for him, too.

The bridge was about 2,000 feet above Randa, so up we went. By now, that’s just a hike. The trail was good, and views got progressively better.


The bridge is about 1/4 mile long and about 300 feet above the valley. Today, with little wind, it was quite stable. It was built because landslides kept destroying the trail below.


I liked looking down on tall trees.

The cables had huge shock absorbers.

After the bridge, we trudged another 800 or so feet uphill to the Europahütte.

The weather was great for lunch on their balcony.

The view was a perfect ending for our trip. First, there was the Weisshorn, a bit less than 15,000 feet.

Next to the Weisshorn was the glacier Roger had photographed so many times from the train, except now he could see it so much better.


To the left of the Weisshorn was the Mettelhorn with the Platthorn peeking from behind.

We could even see the glacier where we turned to go up the Platthorn.

And Roger got a good look at the landslide that in 1993 blocked the river and flooded the lower part of Randa.

We took a different route down that was very steep but also had nice views.

As we entered Randa, we spied this short-legged horse

And huge cabbages.

Tomorrow, we go to Macugnaga, Italy, the south side of Monte Rosa.

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3 thoughts on “Randa and the Bridge

  1. Gisele

    Love your adventures!!

  2. John B

    Damn. You and R must be getting close to the end of this adventure. I will pass on walking on the bridge. 🙂

  3. Vicki Showers

    SO glad you found the bridge!! Just saw last night on TV, they were interviewing hikers and one couple was from the US but I can’t remember where!! I was just going to post here and ask you if you knew about it!

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