Macugnaga is in a very deep valley near the northeast face of Monte Rosa–the peak of Monte Rosa is two miles above us. Plan A was to hike over the Monte Moro pass from Switzerland to Italy, then take the lift down to Macugnaga. However, the lift closed a few days ago, and without it we would have had to descend more than a mile. The weather was also questionable, so for Plan B, we took the train though the Simplon tunnel to Domodosola, Italy, then a bus to Macugnaga.

The bus ride from Domodosola featured small cramped villages clinging to the steep hillsides. They were hard to capture, but we tried.




Two things about the bus ride yelled, “You’re not in Switzerland any more.” First, the tickets were dirt cheap. Second, the passengers were jovial, as opposed to the quiet calm in Switzerland. A gaggle of older women with hair colors ranging from green to orange certainly enjoyed each others’ company, then the bus filled with boisterous school children.

The afternoon was cloudy, so we just wandered about the village. The architecture was an interesting mix of stone and wood construction.



The Italian penchant for murals was evident.

This chapel dates from 1613:




This fencing was unusual.

We had a late lunch at our accommodation because it was the only restaurant we could find open. It was not particularly good. At first, we thought that everything had closed for the season, then we remembered. Duh. This is Italy. They eat late. This evening, we had a much better meal at another restaurant.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we hope to see Monte Rosa.

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