The Soretto Hike

NOTE: I am having difficulty posting photos, which I have always considered essential to my travel posts. Rather than not post at all, I will include as many photos as I can in the remaining posts of this trip, then try to add more later.

Sunday’s drive to the trailhead included a detour to the island’s high point. The peak was in clouds (we will try again), but the drive had nice scenery, especially with the ocean on the horizon. The road to the top still had its original hand-laid stone surface.

In the distance we could see a village and fields carved from the native cedar forest.

November is not the best time for flowers, but there were immense hedges of hydrangea with a few were still in bloom.

The day’s hike was near the village of Soretto. It was an unrelenting climb, but for the most part, the trail was good. Most of it was through a variety of forests. The native cedar which reminded me of Sequoias.

There were more hydrangeas and other attractive foliage.

There was a detour off the main trail to a small lake. We soon learned that this trail had suffered badly from bad rains. After some serious struggle, we came to a spot I could not negotiate. Roger was able to get up, but I needed his help, and we couldn’t move the vegetation at the same time he was helping me. At this point, we were only a third of the way up, so I waited while he went. He said the trail got significantly worse. Coming down was easier than I expected. Back on the main trail, there was better maintenance.

One area had a deep ditch to one side. For part of the way, there was a ravine on one side, pasture on the other, and ocean ahead. No photo could capture that.

However, I did capture a nice sunset from the room.

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